From fact-checking to argument-checking as Award Nominated researchers of University of Amsterdam join MMGA with human-AI framework.

Federica Russo and Jean Wagemans talk about their cooperation with MMGA. Interview by Camilla Nieman.

‘Fact-checking is a key action nowadays, but it doesn’t cover all aspects of debunking misinformation, disinformation, even fake news: verifying the way facts are used within arguments should be part of it. But there are scientific solutions coming up! Two of the initiators of KRINO, Dr. Federica Russo and Dr. Jean H.M. Wagemans, envision KRINO as a source of transparent, explainable AI that helps users to analyse and evaluate arguments. The software can be used to unmask fake news but also verify the reliability of the information for example needed to build complex systems such as an airplane.’

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