Helpful comments of Federico Gobbo, Jacky Visser, and Martin Hinton have inspired an improved version of the Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP). The adaptations include:

  • a more detailed description of statements of value
  • every single step illustrated with a running example
  • a more robust method for determining the argument form

Download Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP) – Version 2

The Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP) is a heuristic device that helps the analyst to identify the type of any argument expressed in natural language in terms of the argument categorisation framework of the Periodic Table of Arguments (PTA). Such identification enables the analyst to formulate the underlying mechanism of the argument, thereby preparing the ground for its evaluation. In this document, the various steps of the procedure are explained and illustrated through examples. The procedure starts with a recognition of the two statements that function as the ‘conclusion’ and the ‘premise’ of the argument and results in labelling the argument with a systematic type indicator.